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The Green Way

Publié le 09/04/2013
The Green Way

« Pedestrians, disabled people, cyclists, rollers, skates can circulate on the cycle paths, especially secured for not motorized means of transportations and to take advantage of Seine-Maritime Country wealth, to appreciate the pleasures of the nature, get oxygenated, to practice a sport family, to discover the landscapes… ».

A 40 kilometre car-free escape route to the open countryside…

The Green Corridor takes you safely to the very heart of the Pays de Bray and Pays Dieppois.

On foot, roller blades, bike, buggy or wheelchair…set off and explore the Seine-Maritime ambiances and landscapes. Travel at your own pace and unlock the stories and secrets of the villages and taste all the delights of local produce.

A long Anglo-French story…

In 1873 a railway was built to link up with the London-Paris sea crossing via Dieppe/Newhaven. Today this link still exists - not by train but by bike! For the “Avenue Verte” is a major cycling route that will eventually connect the two European capitals.

The railway heritage has been preserved.

In Seine-Maritime, the Département has converted the old railway line into a Green Corridor from Saint-Aubin-Le-Cauf to Beaubec-La-Rosière. It echoes with the memory of the trains which once passed by. Stations, barriers, signals and rails punctuate your journey.
The former level crossings - all marked PN – serve as access points to the “Avenue Verte”. All numbered they also represent route markers, from PN 63 at Beaubec-La-Rosière to PN 104 at Saint-Aubin-Le-Cauf.

Every 500 metres, the kilometre posts “PK” tell you how far you are from the Saint-Lazare main railway station in Paris – as if the railway was still in use. At the “PK” 140.000 you still have 140 km to go before you reach Saint-Lazare!

In 2008 the Green Corridor will be extended beyond the old railway line to Arques-La-Bataille alongside the ponds at Saint-Aubin-Le-Cauf and the “La Varenne” leisure complex.




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